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CUPPS Safer Spaces Policy 

At CUPPS, we are committed to providing a safe and inclusive space for all. We aim to allow those attending our events to participate in creative expression and exchange without fear of discrimination, humiliation, or reprisal. 


CUPPS will proactively challenge prejudice and discrimination on the grounds of race, gender identity, trans status, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, religious belief, disability, age, or ideology or culture, or any other form of distinction. Our events, both in person and online, should be inclusive and supportive spaces for all. Self-definition is at the sole discretion of that individual.


As a society affiliated with the University of Cambridge, CUPPS acknowledges and challenges harmful, institutional ideologies. We recognise that oppression and violence are often multiple and interlinked, nor are they experienced in the same way by any two individuals. Along with verbal and physical abuse, we will not tolerate microaggressions or any attempts to belittle or abuse another person(s). 


CUPPS values expression and debate, but we recognise the complexity of ‘Freedom of Speech’ and will remain sensitive to its boundaries. We will never knowingly give an unchallenged platform to individuals whose ideas we view as harmful. Any intention to incite hatred will not be tolerated.

We abide by the following policy within the spaces we host or that we associate ourselves with: 

ASSUMPTION: Before you make assumptions about a person’s identity, always consider Please be mindful of your own privileges, including those that are invisible or less obvious. 


CHALLENGE: If you have acted or spoken harmfully, even if unintentionally, another individual will challenge this. Please listen and reflect on their views, even if you feel what they are saying is wrong. Absolving yourself of responsibility isn’t constructive or helpful.


CONSENT: Please respect the physical and emotional boundaries of others are the same as your own. This means asking someone before you touch them, in any capacity. This also means asking if someone is comfortable with discussing a sensitive topic beforehand. 


LEARNING: Work together to foster a spirit of mutual respect and listen to the knowledge everyone has to share. You are responsible for your own learning and, if you feel able, for sharing it with others. If you do not understand something, please ask. 

SECURITY: Please respect the privacy of the people organising or attending CUPPS events. Sharing their names or details without clear consent, including via social media, is not acceptable. 


Grievance policy: If you feel that our Safer Spaces policy has been violated, please email us directly at We will work as a committee to address your situation in the most sensitive and appropriate manner. 

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