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Upcoming Event

Open Mic Social - 9/10 - 20:00 - Grain and Hop Store

Come along to meet other CUPPS members and hear them share their own writing or writing they have enjoyed recently. Everyone is welcome to share, or just to listen :)

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Write Ins - 

Open to anyone to come along and dedicate some time to writing in a friendly and snack-filled space

Feedback Sessions -  

A welcoming discussion space to share advice and constructive criticism of others' work. 

There is no obligation to share your work with others if you don't want to. It's a writers' group, not a supervision!


The UniSlam Team

UniSlam is an annual poetry slam tournament, bringing together teams from universities across the UK. This year, we'll bring 5 poets from Cambridge to the competition, held in Birmingham. Over the 3 days, they'll attend workshops and compete by performing both solo and team poems.

Online auditions for the 2024 team will open in November.

More information can be found at

Email Vasu to get involved!

Give Us The Mic


Run in collaboration with CUPPS, this regular open mic night held once a fortnight on Friday from 19:00 to 20:30.

Open to artists from various backgrounds, Give Us the Mic provides a platform to perform on stage, whether it's through singing, poetry, comedy, rap, or any other form of spoken expression. The main rule for participation is that every performer must use their voice.

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